Memento Humanum (feat. Narcisa)

Trying to build a future,

Where words don’t torture,

Cause humanity is no myth,

Like the hope we’re born with,


His home was full of love

Beautiful child, made the price to live worthwhile

It didn’t take long for a couple demons to reel him in

Now he spits on his mother’s name

The same woman who worked three jobs to make ends meet, only for her child to give

in to the streets

He will be the one to drown in his sins, he was the one who let the demons in.


Streets reign in fire,

While souls aspire,

For dreams of paradise,

Filled without vice,


She just got into college

23 with a baby girl she made her world

She left the house and never made her way back

OPD welcomed her with a bullet to her back

Where is the justice if justice is not found?

Her name was Maria

Long live my beautiful lady in brown.


There once was a dream,

Where love would stream,

Beyond barriers of skin,

To never falter to sin,


Music was his passion, he was one with his piano

Delicate is the artists heart, temptation was his destruction

He decided to spit rhymes and pop pills to keep up with the culture, Now he lays in an

unmarked grave surrounded by vultures

So close to his dreams, he sliced his own throat

He left with a smile on his face

he didn’t even scream, what the hell does that even mean?


Colors used for hate,

Prompting a gruesome fate,

As innocence stood silent,

Protesting what’s violent,


The man he keeps us down

He loves to see hate, especially when it’s brown on brown

Since when was it a competition of which shade of brown suffers the most?

Too many lives have been lost by the hand of an ally, he would rather us live in tension

than to see us unify

Don’t you see we’re letting him win? 


But even in the dark,

We must remember the spark,

That at once brought us life,

Before times had fallen to strife,


Born in a trailer, moved to government housing

She stayed true to herself, never gave in to her surroundings

Lives were lost on the way, there were always heavier days

But that fire burning bright inside her soul was blind to the chains left behind by years

of oppression

To be successful was her lifelong obsession

Look at her now in her two-story mansion.


  • Goldfinch60

    Powerful words Audax and Narcisa.


    • Audax

      Thank you, Andy! Much appreciated!

    • Gavin

      The first verse it opened with really set and carried through the meaning. That were born with hope and mythical wonder but humanity is no myth, it was a heavy opening. Especially how the short stories opened with optimism in something to live for but went wrong quickly.

      'Now he spits on his mother's name...
      Same woman who...'
      The love misled into pain and then used as a weapon that set this young man's fate.
      This poem invokes hard emotions.

      Really good right Audux and Narcisa

      • Audax

        Thank you for taking the time to read our collaboration and to leave us a comment! We just put our minds and blended our talents together to create something artistic that brought so many emotions! Hope it inspires on topics you want to write for future pieces!

      • Neville

        .. crafted with conviction & perfectly poemed ... a fine partnership indeed ..

        • Audax

          Thank you! It was the first time we collaborated, and we made it work through our individual talents and through our chemistry!

        • L. B. Mek

          a wonderfully complimentary pairing of styles

          • Audax

            We sought to deliver something that complimented our styles, and we delivered! Thank you for taking the time to read it!

          • orchidee

            A fine write Audax and Narcisa.

            • Audax

              On behalf of Narcisa and I, we thank you for your compliment!

            • AwHec8

              Man this Poem/Short Story written by you 2 cuts to the heart of the matter (Truth) in what is told. Thank You for the work Audax & Narcisa.

              Love all the work that speaks or has Truth. Especially all those here on MyPoeticSide like your Poems have Audax. Now I have to add Narcisa to my list of truth tellers in Poem or Short Stories. Can't help myself. Just Loving it enough to search for it and praise it when I find it and to take a stand with it when needed. Don

              • Audax

                Thank you, Don! We appreciate your words, and please check out more of Narcisa’s work on her page. She is truly talented and evokes a lot of emotions in her writing. You’ll be truly impressed!

              • dusk arising

                Gripped me from the off. The alternation of short story to verse works so well and powerfully brings home the messages... of which there are many here.... possibly too many for one piece for each is made so strongy that each deserves its own time to be absorbed.

                All in all a brilliant collaboration of two fine talents. I'm going to re-read and take my time over each pairing now.

                Into my favourites for sure

                Re-reading now, I see how the opening 4 lines are there to tie the piece together.

                • Audax

                  Thank you! Please take your time to analyze and share it with anyone you know! Even though our styles are different, we were able to blend them together to create something powerful and resounding!

                • jarcher54

                  The little vignettes are incredibly rich... they remind me a little of a modern-day take on the short epitaph-like pieces from Spoon River Anthology, whole rich and often tragic or tormented lives crystallized in a few haunting lines... Audax you supply the commentary from above, like the Greek chorus guiding us through the confusion of the misdeeds and confused actions of the characters in a Greek tragedy. I needed those breaths between Narcisa's gut punches. A provacative collaboration. A beautiful duet, but not a silly little love song. Thanks to you both.

                  • Audax

                    Thank you! We truly appreciate your words. Glad to know that enjoyed reading it!

                  • PanAngel16

                    This is incredible. You both did a wonderful job.

                    • Audax

                      Thank you!

                    • Seek

                      An unusual genre from the collaboration of two creative minds. Loaded with wisdom, hope and realism. Engaging work!

                      • Audax

                        Thank you so much! We truly appreciate your words!

                      • ANGELA & BRIAN

                        Good Evening Autdax ~ This is an excellent Collaboration ~ Two Heads are exponentionally - 10 X better then one ! Many of our Poems are Collaborations.
                        I like the way in which your Poetic Mantras precede Narcias Vignettes ~ classic collaboration ~ as is the two tone presentation.

                        V 2. An ungrateful CHILD
                        V 4. Ambitious Person caught in the crossfire
                        V 6. Sometimes Poetry & Pills are bad soul-mates
                        V 8. MLK had a *DREAM* about His Children NOT being judged by the colur of their skin ! His dream is sill unfulfilled almost 60 years later !
                        V 10. Sometimes Ambition & Drive do produce a *Rags to Riches Story* ~ AMEN

                        Love every word of this excellent presentation WE must
                        all work together for Civil Rights & Equal Opportunities !
                        Black lives Matter ~ more than ever !
                        Blessings & Joy & Peace to You & Yours
                        Love Angela & Brian & Smokey 🧡💙🤎

                        • Audax

                          Thank you so much, and to be honest, the both of you inspired me to take on a project like this since I saw how your poems are collaborations, which prompted me to ask Narcisa to partner up with me in creating this excellent presentation (as you pointed out)! So I thank the both of you for paving the way and setting the standard on what it means to do a collaboration! We appreciate everything you mentioned to us! Glad to know that both of you were impressed!

                        • blue orchid

                          very powerful,

                          • Audax

                            Thank you!

                          • Narcisa

                            Thank you for including me in bringing your ideas to life. This piece was very close to my heart. We make a good team for sure

                            • Audax

                              No problem, and thank you for being a part of this project! I couldn’t have done it without you, and your the first person who I collaborated with in creating something unique like what we presented here. And yes, we make an amazing team! I look forward to the next time we work together!

                            • Syd

                              Very powerful, well written and I wholeheartedly agree with the message to the poem.

                              - Syd

                              • Audax

                                Thank you

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