Come Before Winter

I know it is toward,
the end of Summer,
and Winter seems,
so far away.
Still, soon it will,
begin to get colder.
The Summer air,
will quickly turn,
to an Autumn chill,
as the temperature,
will soon begin to drop more,
week after week.
Soon September will pass,
then October,
followed by November,
and then December.
Do your best,
to come before Thankgiving.
Stay with me through Christmas.
Soon it will be to late.
Soon it will be to cold.
The snow will soon be to deep,
for you to travel,
and you will not,
be able to make it.
Come watch,
the Autumn leaves,
fall with me.
We will lay by the fire place,
as the night air cools.
Bring what you will.
Just come see me,
before winter.

I am not a woman or the person you wrote this poem for,
I am not family or a friend (yet) so will you send me out the door?
Will you invite me in? Like Christ did when the ones he chose didn't show up.
So we can enjoy each others company at your sup.
Come I will and try not to be a burden or cause strife.
That will have me banned for the rest of my life!
In fact I will be Loving, Kind with Care to show Respect and so much more.
Or is the invitation only for this person you seem to adore?
If that's the case then please forgive me my intrusion, as in being a bore.
I hope this does bring a smile to your face.
As that is my intention of writing in this space!

dion you love me like nobody ever could,if i could be there by fall you know that i would.we would welcome our friends with arms open wide,we put our faith in jesus for he is our guide.he will bring us together when the time is right,my love,when we're together we honor him in the dark of night.until that day ,i promise to love you,it only feels right.

Weather Winter, Summer,
Autumn, or Spring,
All I want,
is yourself to bring.
I am willing to wait,
until our dying day,
to be with you,
Still, I know that God,
will bring us together soon,
laying down,
looking up at the moon.

i am waiting for the day to come,when i am beside you holding hands and then some.but right now we are so far apart,i just have to keep revealing to you my heart.come the wintertime i hope to be in your arms,surrounded with your love and safe from i love you more than words can say,i have to let you know that i can't wait for that day.

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