Your depression is ours

You see that man
then you see ten more
Looking at the masses
A peace filled shore
While you're ripped apart under the Tyrant torrents of your pain
Time a prison you can’t escape
Waking each day
wishing it never came
Wondering why you were born
Just to live in pain
No one seems to understand
you're just a different kind of man
a lesser person
Or an off brand
Try not to be noticed
Keep the people all away
You were burned by them before
They will probably never change
They would definitely
never understand
This complex and different man
Retreat Into the cave of seclusion
Putting off some kind of illusion
That it’s all ok
Your just happier this way
Make yourself seem fierce
Have hard and harsh opinions
Then they’ll stay away
And leave you to your depression
And maybe soon enough
The ones who hang on tight
May lose all their ambition
And quit you
Proving you were always right
Maybe they will walk away
Relieving all your pressure
Then you’d have no one to please
Just be alone to dissolve
And never have to try to care again
But then...
What if they don’t leave
Even through your pain
What if they took every word you say
And even when it hurts them
Never walk away
Never leave you hanging
Never retaliate
Avoid all your pushing
Because they love you all the same
What if they never do
What you always expect people to do
Will you believe your worth then
will you keep turning into the darkness
Or will you see the good
That you always avoided
to protect Your broken heart!


  • Hinnant

    Thank you for posting. My son struggles with depression so this hit close to home.

    • blessednloved

      Thank you for the comment! I have battled with depression of friends and loved ones for a very long time and it took me a while to recognize that its a hard task to love people who try to push you out in their grief. Dont give up on your son just keep loving him and i will be praying for you guys!!!

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