And so I turn to the weary face in the fractured mirror

Is this who & what I have finally become

Am I a God of the rights & the wrongs that I have done


Does light lead my way or blind my winding path

Is every careful step forward, just two steps back

I contemplate the errors I have made that I can never retract


The solemn face in the mirror no longer bears a smile

Emotion falls through my trembling fingers likes grains of sand

I have given up any hope of ever finding my promised land


I accept that darkness shall guide me through my final days

I pray there will be a beacon of light at my journeys’ end

But until I reach that point of no return; my reflection is my only friend


© 2020 Unsub



  • Goldfinch60

    Of course that beacon of light is there for you Unsub, I am always here. LOL


    • Unsub


      I know, my friend. Thank you.


      Ps. does your torch ever run low on batteries?

      • Goldfinch60


        No, I have a handle to turn that recharges it when it dims.


      • orchidee

        Sounds lik you heard me singing, that wrote this - 'Abandon hope, all ye who enter (or ye who hear me sing)'.
        That's me in that mirror on a bad-hair day! lol.

        • Unsub


          if that's you in my mirror, what the heck are you doing in my bedroom!


        • AwHec8

          Absolutely Love this Poem, Unsub. The imagery it creates with the words put together is amazing. Don

          • Unsub


            unexpected comment to be honest. Thanks though.


          • Fay Slimm.

            Fantastic images your words bring to readers in this solemn look at what we make of life.......... well crafted indeed Unsub.

            • Unsub


              appreciate the time reading & commenting,

              many thanks


            • dusk arising

              After reading your piece I gathered together the tears i had just shed and in that pool of sorrow and despair i saw a reflected horror..... i realised you were stood behind me with a damned tube of piles ointment and applicator!

              You definitely are the Dark Lord of MPS

              • Unsub


                I have ordered the anal intruder so we can deal with those piles from hell. No pain, no gain!


                Dark Lord.

              • The Uneducated O.A.P

                I'v just thrown my iPad in the bin, can't compete with this! Great stuff Unsub.
                I see you haven't cured duskys piles yet! I believe he's tucking them into his socks!
                Keep em coming
                Poems that is,not duskys piles.

                • Unsub


                  it reads like I'm a depressed suicidal individual. I'm actually happy with life & just enjoy revisiting darker days that have long left me.

                  The piles issue is becoming a troublesome feature in Dusky's & my life. I never a knew a man could breed conker size piles. The good news is we are having a great game of conkers.


                  • The Uneducated O.A.P

                    Glad to hear you've left the dark days behind.
                    That sounds like one smelly game of conkers and a hole lot of fun!, possibly. Lol

                  • MelissaJA

                    This is a very beautiful piece of poetry. I hope some day I can write so vividly!

                    • Unsub


                      I've read your poetry & I can assure you that you create vivid pieces too. Don't aspire to my work, you keep going with your own talent.



                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      I CRAWL A CRACKED & BROKEN PAFF
                      Confusion will be my epitaph
                      If we make it ~ we can all sit back & laff
                      But I think tomorrow ~ I*ll be cryin*
                      But I think tomorrow ~ I*ll be CRYIN*

                      BRIAN HERE ~ GOOD MITWOK UNSUB - Thanks for another challenging ODE MACABRE ! It reminded me of the Old Lyric form KING CRIMSON or the *Picture of Dorian Grey* !
                      A few weeks ago we were helping a Couple (JIM & MARY ~ NO CHILDREN) to DOWNSIZE from a 4 Bed House to a one room Flat in a RETIREMENT HOME ! Everytime we threw something in the SKIP ~ Jim cried ! He kept saying ~ 82 Years on Planet Earth and what have I got to show for it ~ NOTHING ~ NOTHING ~ NOTHING ~ Alas it happends but UNSUB in *real time* NOT TO YOU ! ! !

                      Love Peace & Joy
                      Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

                      • Unsub


                        not sure what to reply with as we've begun a discussion about some bloke called Jim.

                        Thanks though,


                      • Audax

                        So much imagery, so much talent, so much creativity! You shared something here that many will praise for years to come!

                        • Unsub


                          odd you should begin your comment with an introduction to your own poetic skills! LOL!

                          Sadly, this will be long forgotten by the weekend.



                        • TWENTY3

                          if that's your image first thing in the morning, I'd call 999. Super piece of misery. Dark Lord? LOL!

                          • Unsub


                            that's me on a good day!

                            Yes apparently I am now the Dark Lord of MPS. I shall try to do you all proud & live up to the name.


                          • Laura


                            Certainly an engaging piece. It is a delight to read your work. Your ability to cleverly intertwine your imagination and life experiences is extraordinary.

                            ‘there will be a beacon of light at my journey’s end’...

                            ‘The Dark Lord of MPS’ is prophesying his journey’s end.

                            Andy’s got it!!

                            As always...

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