To tell you the truth

I am none too impressed

With the legend of your

Ancient hymen




That does not alter the fact

We are naked

In a cheap hotel room

With a problem ...


  • Fay Slimm.

    Attempting this barrier would be a problem so it seems you have a long-time closure on your romantic efforts mine Sire - -- unless I have the wrong end of the stick !!! .................x

    • Neville

      its just summat we all have to go through I guess ... and its good to feel you aint lost ya grasp on reality me luverly friend ... x

      • Fay Slimm.

        No danger o' that me 'ansum..................x

      • Audax

        I wonder what that problem would be?! 🤔

        • Neville

          How about we start with her husband for one .... and then I will leave it to your imagination my friend ...

          • Audax

            😲oh! Then in that case, there’s bound to be a fight! 😂 Let’s get ready to rumble!

            Thanks for sharing something so creative!

          • orchidee

            Some one(s) having fun there?!

            • Neville

              ... a long time ago .. but my eyes still water when I think back on it .... cheers Orchidee .. :)

            • dusk arising

              Oh you made me laugh. Any number of problems come to mind (well done there) not least the showering of tears released from the fragile, once agitated, memory of your partner here.

              A stitch in time saves.....
              ..... but that's another story for another day eh?

              • Neville

                ... please excuse my delayed response DA .. and thanks for being both patient and gentle with me :)

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