I wish I were a plant

I wish I were a plant

I wish I didn’t have a mouth

or a stomach


All my problems would go away

if I didn’t have a mouth,

or a stomach.


But if I were a plant

I’d probably find a way to have problems.

I’d probably avoid the sun

to stop myself photosynthesising

and I’d probably compare the symmetry

of my flowers to all the rest.


But still,

I wouldn’t have a mouth

or a stomach

and that’s the closest

I think I’ve ever come to describing peace.



    Brian here ~ Good Evening AJ I agree with your first Premise - about the MOUTH & STOMACH being the rooth cause of a lot of our daily niggling ailments & discomfort because of what WE acctually eat & drink during a 24 hour day! Keep a diary for a week and you will suprise yourself! However if this is not a death wish - if you stay HUMAN you will have to be fed INTRAVENIOUSLY with predigested food which is not very pleasent ! There are People (with Bowel Cancer etc) who are forced to do just that !
    Your alternative however - of being a *Flowering Plant* is not as easy & stress free as it looks ! During each period of Sunlight you MUST PHOTOSYNTHESISE to survive ! So three things are necessary. SUNLIGHT (not a problem) CO2 (not a problem too much @ the moment) H2O (this can be a problem in arid regions) also the water must contain N P K and other minerals for growth. So in a sense a Plant does have internal Digestive & Synthetic Systems to function ! CO2 & H2O combine in the leaves (using Chlorophyll C55H72MgN4O5) to form GLUCOSE (C6H12O6) which polymerises to form STARCH & CELLULOSE and it can make other Molecules by Plant Bosynthesis to form the Colours & Scents in your Flowers. So there is just as much going on in a Plants Digestive System as in the Human one. I teach Applied Scince in a Adult College (17+) and i am responsible - - with Tecnicians - for an Allotment & Greenhouses and believe you ME ~ Plants can get Pretty Sick despite apparently not having a MOUTH or a STOMACH so you might like to think again. If we get thirsty or hungry we can move to a water or food source ! A PLANT has to LIVE or DIE where its planted !

    Love Peace & Joy to You & Yours
    Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 💛💛💛

    • AJ

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the interpretation, but this poem is actually about my struggles with eating disorders

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