Poetic Rhyme

My Shadow

All these damn voices in my head driving me mad keeping me depressed.
I'm fighting off these demons that want me dead they sleep in my bed.

Sleep psychosis in silent lucidity a realm state where Nazareth inhabits my dreams.
I fight off these skeletons in the closet keeping them buried down deep.

In the darkness, so no one will see the monster that resides inside of me.
Look into my eyes and you will see the demons are apart of me.

Can't you see my shadow is grim and filthy full of dark secrets I will forever keep?
These skeletons in the closet are not what you think see please don't assume things.

I am the disease you all breathe I will take your last breath as you sleep.
My shadow is always with me an attachment that makes you sick and weak.

Carrying all this darkness in me so many skeletons in the closet the heaviness kills me.
My shadow will consume me draining every bit of my energy and then I shall be sat free.         Candy81 © Candra Creviston   

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