Alan .S. Jeeves

Malignant Clouds

Clouds loom drifting, passing by,

The west wind gently tempts them on

Though no one knows what cause them cry

And no one hears their pleading voice

As all their acid tears well dry.


Snowy white, in rank and file,

The south wind warmly glides them on;

Smiling wryly all the while

Natant high above the earth

Ambling on, mile after mile.


Alluring to the offhand glancer

The east wind briskly chafes them on

Skittering like the showtime dancer

Yet hidden deep within their breast

A growing rude and covert cancer.


But nature's wrath will bid her toll

The north wind casts the clouds astray

Freezing, breezing, pole to pole,

The stricken, tainted, wisps will die ~

Dare no one care to save their soul?


So now as time is dwindling low

As the ill winds clime their worst

The poisoned rains, in flooding flow,

Rape our land to end mankind ~

And still, the winds shall wanton blow.


  • Goldfinch60

    Great words about our differing clouds and both the glory and wrath of nature.


    • Alan .S. Jeeves

      Hi Andy. I hope it is not a cloudy day for you today.
      Ex animo, Alan

    • Unsub

      image-driven painting of poetry.


      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        Hi Dan. Thanks for the read and comment.
        Ex animo, Alan

      • L. B. Mek

        firstly that title grabbed my attention and then your well thought-out write ensured I didn't look up until I finished reading,
        a contemplative take on Nature mirroring humanity's own nature for the cyclical problems we create for ourselves

        • Alan .S. Jeeves

          Good day L.B. I'm pleased you enjoyed 'Malignant Clouds' ~ Glad it made you think.
          Kind regards, Alan

        • orchidee

          Good write Alan. *Gets out dictionary for 'natant'*

          • Alan .S. Jeeves

            Hi Steve, Natant ~ adjective, 'floating'. (I think it really refers to floating on water but poetic license kicks in from time to time).

            Ex animo, Alan

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