dusk arising

mill street bridge



He took his time
mill street bridge.
Nothing strange
about that.
He crossed here
every weekday night.
They'd all known that.
they never learned
did they?
They never realised.
Well how could they?
Not until Mandy.
Mandy had slipped
and now......

... he checked
his watch.
The 22.53 was
running late.


  • orchidee

    Good write dusk.
    I'm gonna be heartless - it's a real pain you know, these people jumping in front of trains. It makes me late home. It's most inconvenient.
    Can't they jump off a river bridge or something? Yes, I know - all I think about is me, me, me (lol).

  • Fay Slimm.

    A haunt of a read and with your apt usage of short-line wording that tragic last crossing becomes ever more real. Sad but so vividly written.

  • Unsub

    Has suspense in the theme & the delivery structure.



  • AwHec8

    Wow, Damn good write dusk arising. Oh and the music is kinda melancholy. Don

  • nicolibellamont

    Thats really good. I like simple, powerful. Say little but speak volumes.

  • L. B. Mek

    art is at its best, when taking such a sombre and bleak subject, then creating something that transcends the tragedy it depicts

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