Through It All

I yearn for you,
just as you are yearning me.
I know we will be together,
for eternity.
I will love you forever,
every day and every night.
... when our house needs fixing,
or when finances are tight.
When confussion tries,
to come between our life,
we will remember that it is God,
who brought us together,
as husband and wife.
So when satan tries,
to break up a happy home,
he will run from all the love,
in our house that is shown.

Yes Jesus The Christ has with a shower
In The Holy Spirit's power
Sent from God The Father Himself!
Given u.s. all the time necessary
So we should no longer tarry
In any Hour and or Day
To rise up to be what we are meant to be
That comes down to 1 simple part we need to play
That is from Him for you & me
I say this with all humility
“By protecting others, you/we save ourselves!”
In total Love shown for u.s. all in this wordly
You then establish your own lovely
Palace for all of eternity!

through it all you never walked away, when i feel down your sweet words kiss my tears away.i love you so much because you hold up when i fall,we will stand together with love as we go through it all.the lord joined our hearts in such an unusual way,took us both by surprise that we be together one day.when we need each other our names we will call,we will stand together as we go through it all

Through it all,
we will make it together.
The reason why,
it's so beautiful when it is sunny,
is because we grow closer,
throughout the bad weather.
The clouds may be dark,
the winds may howl,
and the waves may yell and roar,
but as we both look to Jesus,
through the darkness,
He will lead us ashore.
So finally,
when the sun comes out,
my wife, we will look at eachother and smile,
and I will say before kissing you,
"See, my love. Wasn't it worth the while".

through it all we have walked side by side,preparing ourselves for a beautiful can come with a hefty price,some will have to sacrifice.through it all the lord is always first in our sight,for we only have him to thank for leading us right.our faith never waivered our trust never failed,as long as we have each other our hearts will never again be jailed.the lord has blessed our two lonely hearts,he will always lead us right as our new life together starts

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  • Comment from author about the poem: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. - 2 Timothy 1:7 - NKJV - Persistence is key
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