Fay Slimm.






A gentle Cornish lady would often say
       when looking at winter's dawning  sky
    and pointing to sunrise - "A given day
this be an' oh what a gift for we to try
                puzzlin' out why this morn appears not
       a usual winter-clad day an' be we glad
me dear little maid that troubles forgot

           to vex us this day with anything sad"


Old Rosie would just for fun endeavour 
          to wink at my ignorance that by smiles
we help Heaven to send small treasures           
in ways hidden but there for the finding.                    
She would bend to touch minute blooms           
             and eyes alight state that Cornwall's sun
  "be lightin' their jewel-faces wi' gurt dew

         this given day so look afore they be gone.


Dear Rosie lived by such simple reminders   
         and what better could she have left behind.      


  • orchidee

    A fine write Fay.

  • dusk arising

    Can't help but be drawn into the character of dear Rosie here for I too have known those who live simple lives adoring their environment and those who frequent it. They have such grace in the full meaning of the word. Stepping away from the bustle of 21st century life to spend time with somebody like Rosie will always reward us in some unthought of manner with a gift of their grace and peaceful joy of life.

    Yes, took me away to past meetings and time spent in peaceful harmony with rich characters of yesterdays.

    A lovely memory of fine Rosie you share with us today and i thank you for I really enjoyed reading it and the peace on reflection i found.


    ANGELA HERE - Thnaks for sharing FAY


    Love - Joy & Peace
    Angela - Brian & Smokey 💛💛💛

  • Romantic Bloom

    Awe! Sweetness with a smile, thanks for sharing

  • L. B. Mek

    one of the most beautiful Aurora's I have ever witnessed was on a quite secluded pebble beach in Cornwall, we were there for a long bank holiday weekend to visit the Eden Project,
    your words took me to that place and my memorable conversations with those unassuming, generous and warm people,
    really liked the characterisation details as well:
    'Old Rosie would just for fun endeavour to wink at my ignorance that by smiles, we help Heaven to send small treasures'

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