He watches for when his thoughts veer

                 From chosen path or course

 And then resets his rudder and sails

                    Gets back upon his horse


He can entertain ideas and beliefs

           And not accept them all

 Knowing what's in his control

              He's right to stand tall


All he has is the guiding faith

         And honest daily prayer

when his backs against the ropes

      It's hope that drives him there


It's not the external wins or loss

                In riches or in strife

But in his healthy trust above

          That keeps his light alive


He honours himself with truthful words

            Refrain from deceitful speech

Not putting words in other mouths

                   To heal a divisive breach


He knows all speech is persuasion

       So he keeps it in good measure

But he can speak firm and strong

                 To defend his treasure


How he chooses on how to act

                 Is balanced in stillness

It is in here that he plots his moves

                Actions of fulfillness


His decisions recorded in a bar chart

                    He knows his own limits

And so it flows like escalator steps

            Measured in years not minutes


He won't regurgitate the food that fills

                  To prove what he's digest

But can show of the tools he has used

                   By the way that he contests


But to pullout the winning hand 

         To someone thats still green

Is like Da Vinci giving crayons out

                Till Mona Lisa is unseen


He hears the heart of his beloved wife

            And tenderly shows he cares

Everyday he seeks to fulfill her life 

         And carry more than his share


He waters the flower that overcomes

         The challenges of her own

And holds her hand in equal clasp

        The queen has her own throne


He offers himself to kin and friends

         And gets to know their souls

He share theirs dreams as his own

        And cheers them in their goals


He offers support but knows his bounds 

                He's aware of his mistakes

And he listens to their reprimands

                   It's a true friend that takes


He belongs to that ancient path

             Of patience, faith and love

He journeys along the righteous path

              The one that leads above.



  • Fay Slimm.

    A compelling read Gavin - - as your well balanced stanzas show self-control pays precious dividends - an ancient and wise path indeed is the one that leads above.

    • Gavin

      Thank you Day

      I played about with wording a lot on this poem.

      It was a thought provoking write to find a negative and positive attribute to a scenario and keep the middle path and make it uplifting

    • orchidee

      Good write Gavin.

      • Gavin

        Thank you Orchidee, I enjoyed writing it

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