I step inside and almost have

To carve my way through dust

Stagnant in the air around me.

It fills every room

With an earthy scent

Accompanied by

The hollow echo of each step I take

In melody with the creak

Of floorboards that moan with age.


This place has been untouched

Since its last occupant left

Nothing misplaced

As they took nothing with them.

Mildew and musk invade my senses

Like heavy perfume

As I force open an old decaying chest

Found in the center of what should have been

The room filled with the most love-the family room.


Its contents preserved like ancient artifacts

Faded piles of yarn

Unfinished projects of browns and mottled black

Unkept and crazy

tangled in a heap, unorganized.

My curiosity peaked,

I delve deeper into the room

Investigate to find

No pictures on the walls.


Figurine children

Made of porcelain

Are placed on the mantle.

Most chipped, broken, or faded

Coated in more dust and grime,

Cold to the touch.

Fitting as the air in the house

Grows frigid around me.


Suddenly I feel as empty

As this place must have been

To a woman with no family.

Only porcelain and yarn

to keep her company

As her bones aged

And began to complain of the crisp air.

No one to notice

As her skin became a speckled pattern

That cracked and dulled.

My search reveals

No warmth,

No love;

Just a lonely, empty house.


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  • dusk arising

    A metaphor for a life choice to hide away from emotion? Safely decay away from love? But such choice is unnatural - where are the scars which brought one to this barren shell of existence? Signs of a once lived in entity with hopes and dreams..... there must be a secret room, heavily disguised and barricaded where hope and joy once resided too.

    Compelling reading.

    • MelissaJA

      You bring up things that make me think perhaps I should add more. I almost did, but did not want to ruin it by adding too much fluff

      • dusk arising

        I'm sorry to read that... don't add more, it's fine as it is. If you are thinking of more .. well... that's another piece to post on another day perhaps?

      • L. B. Mek

        a wonderfully authentic write, using easily relatable yet transformative metaphor and imagery in a smooth - seamless delivery,
        for some that cling on to a 'positive only' mindset, your words may ring hollow, but for those of us who have seen the unexpected surrealism of our lives bitter twists and soft landing mercy's, the fears voiced in your musings of what unfortunate fate - may yet lie in wait: is completely relatable,
        this is truly a mature and well informed write from a person with a strong sense of self and with enough wisdom to face life head-on,

        • MelissaJA

          Thank you!

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