Abraham's tent


In my youthful pride

I smashed my father's idols

To follow the God not in sight

Then readied my camels bridle


Then I asked the God of all

To accept my humble offering

To heal my heart so sore

And to receive his proffering


Then I heard his word come

Pure, still, serene and certain

To his truth I did succumb

And left my father's curtain.


I went toward the setting sun

To follow my God's blessing

And ended up in Canaan

A green and flowing setting.


As the decades rolled by

And as I grew older

I always wondered why

am I this lands holder?


I needed a son to leave behind

The promise of God's knowledge

But Sarahs womb was dry

Hagar I must acknowledge


She bore me my first son

His name was Ishmael

As God heard my prayers

And gave me a male


He grew up quick and strong

And was faster on the hunt

But Sarai felt she was wronged

It became a battlefront


Sarai bore me my new heir

Isaac the son I'm promised

I heard his laughter in the air

For God is true and honest


Isaac grew in love of Ishmael

And followed him everywhere

And Ishmael grew to accept

That Isaac is my heir


From the spoils of Ishmael's hunt

I saw a funny spectacle

Ishmael hand fed Isaac 

But fed him a rams testicle.


But the dreaded day had come

When I sent my son away

Ishmael was strong and overcome

But Isaac will no longer play


He cried and cried 'its so unfair'

Why cant I have my brother

Why must you send him there

For Isaac wanted no other


Broke my heart to form a breach

Between my precious sons

Ishmael was no longer in reach

But was by betrayal shunned


Amongst all of Isaacs peers

He had Sheba and Dedan

But the rest of Isaacs years

Ishmael cannot be found


So from those days of enmity

Of two separate tribes

I couldn't unite my family

They don't care of the others cries


But by the Holy God of mine

One day there will be no breach

Both my son's hearts inclined

Answering to one and each


  • dusk arising

    Nice fairy tale with great reference to fairy tale characters.

    • Gavin

      Lmao, its my pleasure

    • orchidee

      Good write Gavin. The OT people are not fairy tales. Let's hope these peace deals won't be.
      Though are some saying 'Hmm, can we trust someone with such a dodgy barnet?' Looking on the outward appearances there! Oops!

      • Gavin

        Thank you Orchidee,

        I believe the Bible in it entirety, but don't bother arguing anymore.

        The people who call for unity and cohesion, they sure as hell hate it if it comes from Trump lol

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