The Testament


Be my silver lining in a cloud.

Be my rainbow in the blackness around.

Be my sunshine and the glint in the glow.

Be my morning hush and the winds that blow.

Be my time to shine and live a life that is mine,

Be my pennant and the pendulum of time.

Be my Shalom in the overwhelming shade.

Be the world that you have made.

Be my Torah, the books, and daily scroll.

Be my silver and bucket of gold.

Be my temple mount and western wall.

Be my spring, summer, and autumn fall.

Be my exodus into the promised land.

Be my shield having done all to stand.

Be my Sinai and the burden of a Christian.

Be my song and dance and my love for Zion.


Be my balm when all around my soul gives way.

Be my cure, my hope, and my stay. 

Be my dream reaching on top of the highest peak.

Be my rapture, waiting for when we meet.

Be my light and my salvation.

Be my comfort in all affliction.

Be my day star that shines bright.

Be my lamp light by day and by night. 

Be my vacation and tropical paradise.

Be my silhouette and the sunrise.

Be my rest and peaceful Sabbath.

Be my refuge and strength.

Be my every day with endless breath. 

Be my vision to reshape what's left. 

Be my pillars of faith and the core of belief.

Be my relief when I, being written off, in grief.


Be my hope when all courage has failed.

Be my inspiration to catch illusions in the gale.

Be my boat in the harbor of a solitary place.

Be my best friend with mercy and grace.

Be my retreat from the chaotic mess.

Be my vaccine for this virus, and distress.

Be my reassurance that everything will be fine,

Be my savior when everything could decline,

Be my reason to exhale and swallow again.

Be my purpose, to meekly wait, and be forgiven.

Be my chosen when all other choices were wrong.

Be my exceeding reward to suffer, so long.

Be my heaven when the earth is my home.

Be my protector from what I cannot face alone.

Be my candle in the darkness of the unexpected.

Be my secret closet where all my tears shed,

Be my smile when emptiness is in my soul.

Be my laughter when in my heart, there is a hole.


Be my testament and my testimony.

Be my ocean of serenity and tranquility.

Be my pillow to lay upon in hardship,

Be my infinite moments and an occasional nap.

Be my conscious rearguard for the weary road.

Be my battle bow always, in survival mode.

Be my guardian angel surrounded by demons.

Be my reality and the intelligence of opinions

Be my equation of life and my pearly gate.

Be my true love in this world of hate.

Be my existing unending path to regeneration.

Be my destiny engraving signet of your kingdom.

Be my force of energy to galvanize the good.

Be my hero in the place where I once stood.

Be my testament as I am going to the God of mine,

Be my permanent glory beyond this realm.


  • dusk arising

    Oh no not another victim of the plague of believing in the fairy tales of the bible.
    Is this your personal prayer? If so why do you have to publish it on the web, does it make you feel extra-holy or something?

  • orchidee

    Good write Gary.
    I could possibly adjust this to a hymn-poem, if you wish? There's the hymn already: 'Be thou my vision'.

    • gerrylegister

      Yes please that would be such a kind tribute by you

    • orchidee

      It will take a while - it will be a long hymn! lol. But not that difficult. Some old-fashioned hymns went on for 30 verses or more. Phew!

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