America is Ready

America is ready for someone steady
To fulfill for all that shining city on the hill
To preside democratically and be                            citizen foward as our guide                                           A creative gate opener not a gate keeper                       or door slammer.                                                       Nor a tongue lasher with bad grammar                       and a hammer to truth                                        Silenced, our own tongues go straight                           to the aching tooth                                                     We need a thinker, a fixer, troubleshooter                    and a doer for our youth                                               A realist-activist-idealist-builder upper                           of all that’s humanly worthwile.                     Nonconformist hands that will reach                        across the isle and reconcile the hostile  

A Groundbreaking wild flower                                    that bears edible fruit 
And will grow preserving every healthy               trailblazing forerunner shoot
Be our thunder shower who will                                  put out the fires of partisan pursuit                             And abundantly water for all                                   ethical equality and vitality                                        Like the impartiality of rain, take an oath                       To shower down much needed all inclusive growth  

Shining as our Lamplighter and Candle holder.                 -the light of reason and validity                        Transmitting through us all like electricity,                       a transceiver of possibility                                 Illuminate the shadowed places,                                and annihilate dark distrust                                   Brighten up our sight and be the viewfinder.                         of all that is unjust                                                   That keeps us lightless in narrow-minded mistrust, Crouched in fear instead,                                      faltering our steps to move ahead                                

Be the bread winner and reliever                                  en plus of poverty and trust                                      With the willpower to nourish and encourage us           Not to overpower and keep us                               sinking to the rock bottom                                 Scrapings of the barrel’s martyrdom                           Ban the bully pulpit of one vs. many                             Be the loudspeaker of hope and unity                         and mute the chatter of constant disparity ​              

Sound out the drumbeat that moves our feet                To walk in equality and pride and not in defeat              We then can hold our fate in our own hand                    and take a  stand                                                        To facilitate peace and prosperity                                for democracy’s sake                                              Freely strive and have opportunity to thrive                   To do our part and lend our heart to the pulse beat        Of this our nation, governed neither by class nor station     Out of many we can vote together as one-MLH


  • MLHnow

    I really don’t know why my poems here decide their own word format!
    The words never stay put in the lines that I arrange them in!

  • dusk arising

    You need to spend some time getting to know how the layout tools work for your pieces. Best way is to study the page and try out a few edits before you hit the publish button.

    America has a good few social diseases around hypocrisy. Hardly an idyll of democratic rights when some citizens are born more equal than others and has a police force that likes to keep it that way.

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