Meet Me In Dallas


Meet me in Dallas.
I will be waiting for you.
I will be waiting and staring,
at the airport gate,
with a perfect view.
I flew over the gulf,
as my flight left from Miami,
before reaching Baton Rouge,
In south Louisiana.
From there I think I reached Houston,
as I my eyelids began to sag.
Eventually, I touch down in Dallas,
where I began to feel the jetlag.
I arrived at Gate A.
with one-thousand dollars to my name,
and my carry on bag.
So now I wait for you to arrive,
as I decide to get something to eat.
I'll be here for a while,
as your plane was delayed.
It will have to be tomorrow that we meet.
Finally, your plane,
takes off from Oregon,
before reaching Boise, Idaho.
You fly over the planes of Wyoming,
before reaching the Rockies,
of Denver, Colorado.
You quickly pass over Oklahoma,
and cross the Texas Panhandle.
Finally, you have reached Dallas.
Your plane has finally landed.
Finally, I see your beautiful face,
as you walk through the gate.
You notice me, and I call your name,
not long before you do the same.
We run towards each other,
and give each other a big kiss,
right before leaving the airport,
and making a good like for ourselves in Dallas.

Well, I dunno! I am not in the USA.
Meet me in the Co-op or somewhere
Well, that's too expensive
Make it Poundland!

D ALLAS is a Great City & TV Show !
A LL the people love BRITS especially our Accent
L OVE the Poeple ~ So so friendly to Strangers
L OVE the Dallas Girls so so Sassy & Cute !
A Place everyone should stay in and .....
S AMPLE a *Full Texas Breakfast* AMEN !
Make sure you spend a week in DALLAS before
You die ~ good preparation for HEAVEN !

i would run into your arms with tears in my eyes,so happy to you i actually cry.we spend a week in dallas checking out the sights,then the next day we are ready for our take me home to miami to be together for the rest of our lives

I will be leaving,
on a Jet plane with you,
from Dallas to Miami.
It does not matter where I live,
as I am with you.
We can start our own Family.
So meet meet in Dallas,
or meet me in Miami,
or you can even meet me in Oklahoma.
We can drive across the country,
in a Chevy Colorado,
a Harley Davidson,
or even a Toyota Tacoma.

Passed through Arizona
on my way Home
My lovers waiting In Dallas
Waiting by the phone
I said “ Don’t worry baby
Soon you won’t be alone“
The bus ride was boring
I had traveled all night Long
I called my baby
Said “ You better be strong “
You see I missed my exit
So I won’t be coming home
I found a new town
I’ll be living on my own?
Well he said I love you
and hung up the phone
That’s when I knocked on his door
And said” honey I am home

  • Authors: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym), orchidee, ANGELA & BRIAN, Crowns4Christ, Dove
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  • Finished: September 24th, 2020 19:58
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: I know that this is not my usual style of writing. It certainly isn't my best piece. Still, I thought it would be nice to write. I do not know exactly why I chose Dallas of all the other cities that I could have chosen. Still, I do like Texas, and it is a nice state to live in (with the exception of west Texas) (haha). Persistence Is Key
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