Autumns Blessings

You will love me in my absence and forget me in my presence

I will love you until the last breath I take escapes to the heavens

We change like the season you see, now it’s time to rake up these old leaves.

In my weakest moment I was hanging of a ledge hoping for the strength to climb my way back up.

I tried to find comfort in the people I trust.

They love me in my absence and forget me in my presence

False consideration has been life's most effective lesson

It feels good to be alive


I live with guilt and the guilt cannot be taken away

How does one live in constant pain?

To be rid of old leaves falling from the cold breeze is to make room for new growth and dive into the unknown

Time is moving with no final destination there isn’t room for any hesitations

We will live for each other’s absences and be detached in one another’s presence

To live, that’s life’s greatest present

It feels good to be alive

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