Me too hypocrites


The child abuse in Hollywood's view

The oppressors gamebook and play

The hypocrite crew and actors all knew

Of Weinstein's ways that day


The play of disgust and concealed lust 

Of abusers wiping their brow

Silence they must, live with mistrust

The rapists in five years from now


They sit at the awards claiming rewards

With their accusers and clients today

For their vile vice will come with a price

Along with those who are silent this day


But history records their necks in the cords

Swinging so the rest can stay

Roll of a dice, and the sacrifice

will be martyred like Epstein that day


You can be assured the filth are secure

To rape the upcoming stars again

And their celebrity friends who'll never offend 

Will close their eyes now and then


The serpents of Cain upon Epstein's plane

Can feel that the gallows are nigh

But as of today the celebrities say

That we need to vote for these guys



  • Unsub


    you should read Cathy O'Brien's, Trance-Formation of America. What you speak of goes much further than Hollywood.

    MKultra is the seed that is causing this.

    The book is frightening & will make you look at the world in a completely different way!

    Brave poem that sadly only scratches the surface.


    • Gavin

      I'm well aware of MK ultra but I'll have a look at that book.

      I'm sure this runs a lot deeper and bigger than we can imagine

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