Theater of Shadows

Once I knew there was a

world hidden from view years ago,

nothing sustained my desire

from seeking the truth,


...Atop the world lies a hidden agenda

above a pyramid of majesty

illuminating the forbearance of truth,


Love is lost and kept under shades,

for the keeper holds the fate of the world

in two columns of pain and hate,


Dark secrets cascade into the thoughts of men,

...for the perpetual fade of consciousness

unceremoniously awakens the new world order, the inevitable seizes the prophesy aforementioned...


An evil awakens at the divide,

as the doors of normalcy catacomb the endeavoring loss

of righteousness,

prevailing the doom that follows to no avail,


Racial injustices and disease run riot,

as an autonomous voice

lingers within the deserted streets of reason

proclaimed by fear,...


The 13 families hoist our lives

as a sacrifice to their god,

for the media echoes the limelight of our past

heralding an emblem of charity as a facade of truth,


Stillborn from birth,

we never cared who governed our lives

as long as we were comforted and kept from the right,...


And now we are far from the light,

as the night portals us into an unknown reality of horrors...


On the threshold of madness,

We are on the verge of change,


In the ascension of evil,

Good will always find a way to win...


For these are trials of the faith,

And those who endure shall find peace...

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