A Day of Reckoning

A day of reckoning awaits the world,

more mystical and far more terrifying.

Where we go, we all go with our soul,

To the judgment place of reckoning.


Justice for all, hope for those still waiting

For retribution on grooming gangs,

child exploitation and human trafficking,

the ground beneath moves into the sands.


Uncertain times, the inconsistency of minds

the rise in volatile, inside the deep state

of human understanding of present times.

The New Age and old movements awake.


Satanists, implementing new world order,

They have a mandate, not the human they hate,

But the fate that awaits around the corner,

Where no one but God can be late.


The Spirited belief only expedite our grief,

Worlds in slumber, fueling the blame

from a broken system that offers no relief,

A world enthralled by its morphed game.


The consequences of accountability

We all share in the demise of being accused,

The state of society inept of spirituality,

But guilty of greed and the people we abused.


Dangerous social algorithms, mucky churning,

with unfettered access, our vulnerability

susceptible to media believing anything,

but not doing the right thing for continuity.


Students are resisted, many are rarely gifted,

Science and truth, and the analysis main root.

In authority and integrity, one has drifted,

hiding the fairer future in their stored loot.


  • orchidee

    Yes, there is the offer of salvation to all, but also - we've all got to answer for it one day, the good and the bad we have done - or not done.

  • L. B. Mek

    even removed from its religious context this is a well thought-out commentary on the bleak reality of those ugly aspects of humanity, that the mainly decent members of our society have been and continue -to: battle - one prevented catastrophe at-a-time,
    (though pointedly choosing to dwell in our self-serving wilful ignorance, until absolutely necessary...)
    good write

    • gerrylegister

      Brilliantly understood, I love your mindset, it is well focus

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