I LOVE GREEN - And BRIAN tells me that theres

More Green Shades than any other colour !

Love this colour card - *Twenty Shades of Green*

Because most of then are based on NATURE


Animals - Insects - Green for camouflage  

Seaweed - Crocodile - Fern - Parakeet - Juniper !


I suit GREEN - My Dark hair & Olive skin

There*s many *Shades of Green* in my Wardrobe ! 

MINT for my Lingerie & Negligees 

And SHAMROCK for my Winter Coat - and for

A Dinner Gown - EMERALD ! Which would You choose ?


JOHNNY CASH*8 song - *Forty Shades of Green*

Highlights the GREENS of Southern Ireland !


Thanks for visiting comments welcome Love Angela 💚 Brian 💚





  • orchidee

    Yes, lovely - green the colour symbolic of grace too. Maybe because there's a lot of it about - grass, trees, etc.
    Oh no - woof! It's OK Fido, the clip is NOT Fifty shades of grey! lol. Go to Specsavers Fido. It's Forty shades of green.


      GOOD MITWOK UNCLE STEVE ! Pleased to see FIDO is being very diligent ! I didnt post any photos (just a mention of SCANTIES) to avoid an 18 and a WOOF WOOF from Fidibus !

      Blessing & Joy to YOU & YOUR Inspector Hound !
      Spirit LOVE Angela - Brian - El Gato Ahumiso !!!

      • orchidee

        I came across a word - Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179) Saints Day Sept 17th, said 'greenness' or 'veriditas'. Bit of French there. I read it only yesterday in a book.
        Nothing to do with Bing Web Browser (Bingen). I'm waffling on now. Do shut up Orchi. Woof! I knew I would get a woof from Fido. He censors me too, you know, not only others.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Ah - green - - my favourite colour too - a lovely card showing all the different tints and hues - a most interesting read.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Angela here - Thanks FAY - fortunately BRIAN loves me in shades of GREEN = Day & Night ! The BIBLE described EVE as HELP METE for Adam not a HELP MATE. i.e. A Husband & Wife should complement each other. Brian & I are biased - BUT - We think we are PERFECT for each other ~ AMEN !

          Blessings & Peace & Joy with Love
          Angela - Brian & Smokey ! ! !

        • L. B. Mek

          a love song for all things green!
          but wait I think a family member was left out in your final line, I think I hear a pouting meoowww lol

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