Kurt Philip Behm

Transmogrify (+3)

I sleep with Saint Anselm,

but wake with Aquinas


My dreams to envision

what the morning will say


Creativity’s twins,

imagined then stated


Epiphany’s birth

—morphing night into day


(Dreamsleep: September, 2020)



Reflections Of Self


Pandering comments about




Imprinted and


our limitations displayed


“God is not kind…


God is not unkind


“God is not wise…


God’s not unwise


“God is not just…


God is not unjust


“God is not present…


God truly is”


(Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2020)





The Final Vote


Lobbying through Hell,

the politician remanded


To the Devil he stated:

“Your program’s too thin


“You need to refigure

and turn up the heat


“His word’s getting through,

and the Angels all sing”


“It’s not about numbers,

Lucifer cried from the furnace


“It’s not about losses,

but what’s mine to gain


“If only one soul’s

to be trapped here forever


“Your indenture my focus

—let the suffering begin”


(Dreamsleep: September, 2020)




You Made Me Love You


I was twenty,
you were nineteen,
that day along the mall

When I heard a guitar
from deep inside,
that round auditorium hall

Up on stage with legends,
Son House, Muddy,
Johnny Winter too

A red haired, freckle faced,
blue eyed girl
commenced to sing the blues

You started with an apology,
saying you were outclassed
and over matched

But once that voice
left your heart and flew
….in nothing did you lack

I followed you out
that afternoon,
in the late State College Fall

And after fifty years of looking back,
every moment
I recall

I walked you to the bus
as you said:
“We're in Harrisburg tonight

“Why don't you come,
it might be fun,
from there I catch a flight”

The bus was full,
my eyes looked south
as I hitchhiked down #322

Fate unexplained,
life forever changed 
-that special gift from you

(Villanova Pennsylvania: Looking Back- March, 2018)


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