But At Least

My heart pangs and hurts   

Like a million pieces of shrapnel splitting inside me

But at least it is able to ache


My eyes are red and swollen

Like a million bees have laid their stingers and this is the aftermath

But at least they are able to cry


My arms are tingly and falling asleep

Like a million pins and needles that never seem to fade

But at least they are able to wake


My head has a heartbeat that pumps fast

Like a million drums beating in unison

But at least it is able to calm


My feet are cold and clammy

Like they sat in an ice puddle for a million years and never dried out

But at least they will warm


All of these sensations bombarding me

Yet, I’m numb


  • peto

    Thoroughly enjoyed
    When we can live with the least life has to offer
    We appreciate the good times more
    Hang in there
    The good times are in the post

    • Whimsical_1

      Thanks for the kind words Peto! 🙂

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