This Poem is based on a recent UK Survey of Adults ~ regarding the Amenities they value in their own Community ~ or would look for if they were moving House ! In the UK we like amenities to be within walking or cycling distance we are not as *car dependent* as the USA where the ubiquitous Malls are designed for Motorists not Pedestrians ! Corner Shops are No. 5 on the list and many (46%) are Family Run by Asians & British Asians.  We also have *Minimarkets* run by the COOP - Tesco - Sainsbury etc which along with the *Fast Food Takeaways* will deliver larger Orders. Because of COVID 19 Lockdown *Corner Shops* are increasingly popular ! 


In the UK most Folks like to live

Close to the amenities they need !

The Post Office is the Number One

Then a PUB where they can Drink & Feed !


If they have KIDS ~ next on list ~ are SCHOOLS

A Park ~ A *Corner Shop*for victuals & a Caff

A Bakery (fresh bread) and of course a Church

A Library for BOOKS to make you Laff ! 



And Number Ten a Butchers

Where one can buy fresh Sausages & Meat

So if you are moving House & Home

Make sure that all these things are up your Street !


WE like to walk to shops in ENGLAND

In the USA they always go by Car !

MALLS are all the same in every town & State

In Urban Planning ~ its *A K F C* too far !


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love Angela 🧑 Brian πŸ’™


The last quatrain is based on comments by BILL BRYSON  !

If you *downsize as a Senior* live near the AMENITIES !



  • orchidee

    A fine write B&A.


      Thanks for your comment Uncle Steve - much appreciated ! Pleased you enjoyed it !

      Blessings & Joy to You & Fussy Fido
      Spirit Love A & B & El Gato Ahumido ! ! !

    • Unsub

      Why say β€œ Corner Shops are No. 5 on the list and many are Family Run by Pakistanis & Indiansβ€œ when actually...

      across the UK 46% of convenience stores are Asian/Asian british owned, and 51% are white British owned, with a third of retailers being first generation immigrants.

      Seems an odd & incorrect observation to me that has no benefit to your poem when actually more white owned corner shops exist!


      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Good Evening Unsub - Thanks for your comment and helpful stats ! It has enabled us to correct the introduction to the Poem ! Being Young we always value Positive Critiscism ! One has to be careful when posting Poetry based on *Fact & not Fantasy !*

        Love - Joy & Peace to You & Yours
        Angela - Brian & Smokey ! ! !

      • Lorna

        Many moons ago I visited my Grandmother in England and loved walking with her to the various little shops - bread, meat, fish..... I can still see and smell the cozy shops. Wish I'd grown up there.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        CAIO LAURA - ANGELA qui - Gratzie per il tu commento sulla nostra Poesia ! When Americans visit the UK one of the many things they enjoy are the Old fashioned Corner Shops that stock everthing & are *Open All Hours*. These have been a boon - especially for Seniors who are locked in ! Sometimes *small orders are still delivered by Bicycle ! In the USA they have been replaced by Supa- & Hypa- Markets - much less fun. We like to visit the *synthetic* *Old Country Stores* in the USA !

        Blessings & Love & Peace to You & Yours
        Angela & Brian & Il Gatto Fumoso πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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