Battlegrounds in the Mind

I walk behind these city 


Down the alleyways where no one


Feel myself floating down the street again

I can’t find the words to


What happened



I can’t breathe while

It all comes down on me


I'm sure there’s not a second to


I know we’ve been lost

For a while

Have to take a moment

Slow down the 


Look back and


The wilderness I left behind


It’s the same old


Told a thousand times

Fighting for the


In a battle with my mind



  • orchidee

    Good write Maddie.
    Doh! There would be a battle in my mind too, but I only got 3 brain cells, and they're on holiday at present. When will they be back? Who knows?! lol.

    • MaddieJ

      Oh Orchidee your presence on this platform always brings me a smile. Thank you for reading and cmmenting. I'm sure there are more than three and they will be back in ten fold! LOL

      • orchidee

        Thanks Maddie. Only 10 fold? I would have 30 then. I thought we had millions? lol. Oh it's nutty!

      • Fay Slimm.

        Slow and rhythmic the fall of these words down the page give the pace and the me-time we all need dear Maddie - thanks for sharing them.

        • MaddieJ

          Thank you Fay! I'm glad you stopped to read.

        • L. B. Mek

          refreshing in its ingenuity of delivery and well measured pace of rhythmic unfolding

          • MaddieJ

            Thanks! It’s actually a song I wrote and I wanted it to have sort of a specific look to it. So I separated the words this way. It came out looking and sounding alright! Much appreciate commentary L.B.

          • Robert Haigh

            Many a battle goes on within the mind. This poem is open to interpretation to all readers, with their own personal battles, I would say.

            • MaddieJ

              Thank you for seeing that! I intended it to be slightly vague but hadn't thought about the applicability to many different experiences. An added benefit to the wording in this poem I think....

              Best wishes to you Robert!

            • Munro

              Really Like your poem ,,liked lines
              Down the alley ways where no one calls ,,

              • MaddieJ

                Thank you for your comments Munro! I will stop by and check out some of your content soon. 🙂

                Best regards,


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