Measured up head to toe for a snug fitting casket 

Earth's old mother weeps into a recent blown gasket 

All her kids head for hell in an ancient hand basket 

Tightly holding the key for their cage 


Wear a face mask it may help you stiffle some screams 

As each fear you hold dear bursts apart at the seams 

Haunting figures howl out the soundtrack to your dreams 

Lock it up with the key for your cage 


So you had a wee tester three month freedom ban 

Tip toed over the horrors as only you can 

Taking in your surroundings still wishing you ran 

Fumbling with the key for your cage 


Winter gathers the forces it soon will let loose 

Drink and drugs for a month and a functional noose 

Everyone's had a slice time for some self abuse 

Turn the lock with the key for your cage 


Sure we'll conquer this virus and slap it on ice

Dive the springboard of war to our cool pool of vice

There's no money so vulnerable people the price 

What's the cost of the key for your cage 

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