Nikhil Vadher

Rosalie Avila

Rest in paradise sweet soul,

The world didn't deserve you,

One day those bullies will feel their toll,

They will suffer a fate far worse than death, 

Feel crowded in every room so heartbroken it took my breath,

My heart ripped out my chest as if I lost my own,

You were a princess that deserved a crown,

Not a childhood that would make you frown,

I wish I could have been there for when you felt so alone,

Praying that you're in a better place where you'll feel safe,

The world could have been your oyster and a blessing to grace,

It's hard to embrace this world when there's a missing place, 

A place where you could have shined a bright light,

Now a beautiful angel by God's side your spirit taken flight,

Going to war with my oppressors it's going to take all my might, 

Face my demons even though I been hit with a deadly strike,

I Dedicate this to you wishing I could heal a broken heart,

If only I could turn the hands of time back to the start,

This is goodbye and I know it's the hardest part,

But just knowing that you're in a better place,

Eases the pain and instead puts a smile on my face,

God Bless You and Your Family <3


This is dedicated to Rosalie Avila and all other victims of bullying who have taken their own lives in result of the mistreatment and harmful acts of bullying. Rest in Peace, you are gone but never forgotten and your presence will remain with us forever.


  • Trenz Pruca

    Good for you to speak out against this dreadful disease of the soul.

  • L. B. Mek

    wonderful sentiment and message in your write

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