hey dad

hey dad, 

i figured out a way to pop my back without you. 

actually, a co-worker did to be more precise in crystal clear monologues. 

oh yeah, hey dad, back to my back, 

i can pop it just fine without you telling me to breathe in. breathe out, and robbing me with one push, 

it was helping me though, my back felt fantastic, fantastic, like you sound to all your new friends. 

hey dad! 

my back pops with a big log of foam, like the lump in my throat, 


that big log of foam. 

i position it just so, at the clavicle and revel at the hum and crunch in my ears as i roll back in forth in the dirt. 

sometimes i think i broke my neck. dad. 


push me on a swing again, with splinters in my fingertips dad. 

my back pops just fine. 

see you in another lifetime maybe? in a few days? 



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