It Is Not Over Yet

For those who think,
the world is gone,
and that it is forever lost.
Remember that,
Christ saved the world,
at the ultimate cost.
He is the light,
of the world,
and we are the salt of the earth.
His light shines in us,
and shows us what we're worth.
For those who think,
all hope is lost,
and all morale,
will soon disappear.
Do not worry,
those who seek refuge,
For Christ is so near.
So do not become,
anxious my friend.
Please do not dispare.
Christ has overcome the world.
He will restore it.
Soon He will be here.
Until He returns remember,
that He will always,
Just trust in Jesus.
Because you cannot go wrong,
if you let Him lead.

Planet Earth didnt just happen by chance
It was designed by GOD ~ Habitation for MAN
All different Countries like Poland & France
Try to visit them all if you can !
Each HUMANS unique ~ we belong to a RACE
WE wre born into Families ~ Nationalities
We feel like we belong in particular PLACE
And accept it LAWS & its Rationalities !
God wanted Us All to live & love in Peace
And really enjoy the Earth he has made
Enjoy all the Hens & the Ducks & the Geese
And all live in Peace ~ All Free unanfraid !
But man has polluted the Earth God has made
Global Warming & Covid - the END IS IN SIGHT
We are all scared of the MESS we have made
So make sure Your Ready in JESUS Believe
Be BORN AGAIN ~ start to walk with the LORD
Assurance of ETERNAL LIFE you*ll receive
And while still down on EARTH ~ You*ll never be BORED !
Thanks for reading ~ Please add a POEM of your own
Love in the Spirit ANGELA & BRIAN 💛💛💛💛💛

life can be hard,but its not over yet*love a can be unkind,but its not over yet*people can be life altering,but its not over yet***life will throw curve balls,some are bad but some are wonderful,take me for instance,did i ever dream two years ago i would meet Dion and that we would fall in love?no i thought i was broken,wasn't worthy of love,but my faith was so strong~love told me its not over yet*and here i am~i got my god,who always comes first~i got love,telling me im worthy.i have happiness,,all because i never gave up or gave in,kept my faith,but guess what it's not over yet!

The Rescue
The dark storm  clouds in the distance 
slowly approach me
The winds blowing at my side
The cold air nipping at my nose 
The sun nowhere to be seen
I look for solace, a hint of awakening 
since his departure 
all I see is darkness 
an approaching tunnel of gloom
Tears flowing down my face
I raise my arms and curse the winds
I run through a field of dead weeds
Breaking the bare limbs of naked trees
They are as fragile and weak as me
Then a downpour of rain explodes
Drenched I am thankful it hides my tears
But no amount of rain
can wash away my pain 
No amount of wind 
can blow away my heartache
In the distance, a soaked puppy
I call out to it, wagging its tail
It runs to me! In that moment 
We both rescue each other 
I realize it’s not over yet
Just keep the faith
and Jesus will prevail


  • blue orchid

    this fusion turned out great.of course they always do.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you my love. I love hearing your comments.
      Persistence is key

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