Kurt Philip Behm

Pascal's Wager (+1)

There’s nothing objective about spirit,

in that lies its strength and its truth


Unable to measure, only to feel,

its critics profane and uncouth


Science declares it the enemy,

its formulas explaining away


Why love has no bearing and within it we’re lost

—God’s execution unstayed


(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2020)




Last Stop


Traipsing off to the cave

with my feelings and thoughts


A Hermit I’ll be,

my last battle now fought


Alone with my memories,

together indwelt


Eternity reckoned

—transcending myself


(Dreamsleep: October, 2020)



  • jarcher54

    An interesting pairing of poems. While I find Pascal's wager to be a bit of a tautology, you are damned good at expressing yourself!

    • Kurt Philip Behm

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I look at
      it more paradoxically.


      • jarcher54

        That is so funny... I was about to add that I often feel like Schroedinger's cat: I do not believe yet I believe at the same time. Maybe I just want to hedge my wager!

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