Unfamiliar love


you wonder why I cry while I am asleep

with sunkissed roses in my eyes

and honeyed fruit that hang from my fingertips

that softly brush away the treacherous storms buried behind your smile

my dear, may you never know the reason that is why

you are the one that causes me to cry while I am asleep

may you never know the agony of the dreams before your time

the sufferage I invoke every night as I drown in your arms

as you quickly pass on, while I await the darkness to take me

i cannot wake you, you are in a place much more mystical then I

where you can grasp the roses without the thorns

and taste the honeydew that has been awaiting your company

i may only dream of your dream

the secret that I hold, fear of fear in itself

that one day you will taste that fruit for all of eternity

and leave my fragile body alone in this room

to serve no purpose but to relay all of the time I had, laid to waste

i felt defeated when we were together

i felt guilty when you held me

and I felt sorrow when you kissed me

i wish to rid of the selfishness that has consumed my love for you

but in the times of irony, it is always the selfishness that will not allow it

i want answers from a man who wants nothing more than to sleep at night

i want answers from the woman who cannot appreciate what she has

and this my love, is why I cry while I'm asleep

i am brittle

i am weak

and you just desire a night of rest

  • Author: A Silver Sky (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 21st, 2020 06:04
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 55
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