The strong reds and bright yellows

The pure whites and deep blacks

That colored our days,

Are now fading greys

Begging for attention.

Kisses that wet our lips

And tortured our hearts

With passion and guilt

Smile at us from afar.

The fury and anger

That made our hands tremble

And our eyes burn with easy tears

Are visiting a faraway land.

The certainties of youth

Are a calm river

Gently flowing away

Towards an indifferent sea.

Come; give me your hand,

Let’s walk together.

Forward or backwards,

It doesn’t matter.

Time may stop for us

Or pass us by.

But as long as we keep walking

We are always coming home.


  • L. B. Mek

    bravely invasive in its level of detail and penned with its own winding flow - purposely,
    38 years of marriage - amazing feat in today's divorce only dedicated courtroom time's, what a wonderful blessing you have been gifted, Congratulations!

  • Aryal Allen

    This poem took me on a journey. I am sure you already know how beautiful and timeless it is. Wonderfully well done! Congratulations, Mr!

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