A Relief From Summer, Almost Like Winter, And Nothing Like Spring

Ah yes, the Autumn air;
I can feel the brisk wind blow.
Before the leaves,
start to fall off the trees,
it's orange, red, and brown colors,
start to show.
I can smell the cinnamon,
from the pumpkin pie.
'So move over apples.
It's no longer the Forth of July'.
Even as you see the sky,
you can see a change in the weather.
Time to wear,
a long pair of pants,
and take out the light warm sweater.
Soon Thanksgiving will be here,
and we will be with our family.
Oh, Autumn is so beautiful.
It's to bad we don't that in Miami

The beauty of nature !  
I go there every day,
there I am invincible  
No humans to block
my sunshine away
I walk with my
head to the skies
watch the leaves
sway in the wind
watch the mountains
way up high  
listen to the bird fly ,
squirrels tail spin
I am one with nature,
Bugs can’t get me down
I see the clouds
dancing in the sky
Here away from the city 
I never frown
Dashing deers
alway seem to hide
I may be invisible
 for a few hours i know
but thats just fine with me
Because those are the
few glorious moments
that Mother Earth
sets my soul free

the crisp fall air ,the trees changing colors,**the cold,cold nights gives way to holding each other tight*the miami heat cannot compare to cold crisp winter air.being with you in this type of winter cold*reminds me of us together growing old


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