dusk arising

becalmed beyond escape


it was there

you could smell it
then you heard it
the flames came at us
out of the fog

nothing, nowhere, never
puts fear into those
who go to sea in boats
like fire

becalmed beyond escape
she took us
men of steel
wooden ships


  • orchidee

    Was you at Trafalgar in 1805 on one of them boats? Did ya meet Nelson?!

    • dusk arising

      I only met parts of him I think. A lot of him was missing.... but i think he@d been keeping an eye out for me.
      Glad my name isn't Hardy.

    • L. B. Mek

      'becalmed beyond escape
      she took us
      men of steel
      wooden ships'
      wonderful imagery and penned with a tone hinting of both regret and acceptance simultaneously,
      for some reason the image of the final scenes in The Godfather films comes to me after reading your words - seating alone in that garden, contemplating their mistakes and 'time's thieving hand', both Vito and eventually - inevitably: Michael, his heir and youngest son

    • Romantic Bloom

      Reminds me of them pirate wars at sea!

    • Neville

      ...this is quite simply magnificent DA.. brevity at its very best and no kiddin ...

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