on a cliff by the sea

there is a cottage

with a lighthouse rising up

behind the slightly slanted roof


though isolated, there is

no loneliness here

only the howling wind

and rolling grassy hills

dotted with daisies,

dandelions, and clovers


a bard resides there

that loved a sea captain

to the point of becoming

a beacon,

always more welcome than warning


and isn’t that a beautiful thing,

loving someone to the point

of creation?


after all, every living thing

needs some kind of constant


like a weather-beaten ship,

coffee always warm on the stove,


or a bard, tirelessly keeping 

a light burning

in order to guide his 

sea captain home 


  • dusk arising

    That's what is called unconditional love or devotion. Many of us have a light within, a beacon which motivates us to carry on trough the storms which batter us. Ever more needed with the pandemic about. Stay safe.

    • queer-with-a-pen

      I’d say the bard is very devoted to the sea captain. Thank you for reading my work! You stay safe, too.

    • Goddess of the Mist

      Oh I love it! My heart is broken.

    • jarcher54

      We should all be so loved as to have a beacon to show us the way home and keep us from dashing on the rocks in the dark. I wonder how many generations will understand these images? Radar and geolocation are replacing light houses and sea captains alike. I just read that almost all lighthouses are run by computers and are no longer manned. Sigh.

    • James Michael

      A very soothing reminder of how love should be. “after all, every living thing needs some kind of constant”. That is what brings comfort and peace to our crazy lives. Knowing a beacon will be there for us.

      Thanks for writing this wonderful poem.

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