Romantic Bloom

Dressing aTurkey

Dear Turkey its true we pluck your feathers
and leave you naked, you must get the chills
Thanksgiving must leave your kind in Tatters
and send your kin folks running for the hills

I know you feel naked without your dress
But your feathers don't compliment a meal
An issue we also have to address
We're sorry, we know how you truly feel

We don't mean you harm , but its Thanksgiving
We are thankful for the meal you provide
This Holiday think of what you're giving
Warm filled blessings to fill your kind with pride

As we dress you up with cornbread dressing
Never forget you are A true blessing


  • Doggerel Dave

    Hi Romantic B/Dove:
    As a long time vegetarian (and I mean long time - nothing trendy or fashionable about me!) I wish you hadn't.
    Merry Festive Season anyway..
    Take care, Dave.

  • Romantic Bloom

    Thanks for stopping by! May you enjoy the season as well!,

  • Doggerel Dave

    Bound to RB - in fact my user photo was taken last season at my friend/partner's place (her dressing gown too). V warm - note the sunshine outside.

    Stay safe, Dave

  • Neville

    I tend to eat very little meat but thought your 'Dressing a Turkey' was pretty kinda neat ...
    Am sending a seasonal hug and a kiss .. remember tho' a snog is for life.. not just for Christmas x

  • Romantic Bloom

    Thank you kindly kindly! Best to you dearest! I was trying to make a poem for the challenge word” “dress” , this was the best I could do! After all one must be original, most poems were about dresses

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