Jezika J

Little Girl

There once was a little girl. 

She was sweet and happy, and in her dresses she twirled.

Anywhere she went, 

Her smile was contagious 

And the amount of love she had in her heart

For everyone was outrageous.  


But then the little girl grew up

And her life wasn't as easy.

She didn't have the best luck, 

and truly its because some people suck.

She was becoming a teenager.

As a teenager, she lost friends, 

Mostly because high school comes with ends.


People called her names 

And oh the boys played with her heart like a set of games

She goes through hard times 

and just sits in her room most of the time.


Its just not fair

She tries her hardest 

But nobody thinks she is doing her best.

She wants to give up, but she cant because 

She needs to show them up.

There is no point at being angry at everyone.

She knows she is going to be outdone by everyone, 

So she starts too cry.

She hopes she can still squeeze by as

the " Happy Little Girl ".


Even though she had gotten older

She was still wrong, She could be happy

She could still crack that contagious smile. 

And not be so alone.


But because of the names 

And the games. 

She didn't see that things will get better 

And she still cant see it 

She is lost, but people cant seem too see that 

She is breaking slowly, and hurting.

And that little girl was me. 


  • lonelyraccoon

    This is a wonderful poem, definitely something I could relate to. Things do get better and the journey to that realization alone isn't always a clear or straight-cut path. These battle wounds given to us by life as we grow will heal.

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