Jesse G.

The Stillness

I enter the silence.

I rest in the stillness.

I see the darkness,

The source of my light.

I am the light that I cannot see.

I escape the corpse that I bring to life,

I turn off the screen.

Fully aware in the void.

No thing to be aware of.

Don't overlook the stillness,

The beginning and the end.

Don't base your life on experience and memory.

Non-existent is an impossible thought.

I am nothing and I am the source of everything.

I shine through endless minds,

They keep secrets.

When the sun enters the darkness, 

And the earth falls apart,

And my mirror shatters,

I will sing the song again.

I enter the senses.

I keep secrets. 

I love the endless minds even more.

I'll live for them.

I'll polish my mirror.

I am aware of my song.


  • L. B. Mek

    like the self-empowerment element to your voice

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