I Spend a Lot of Time with People that Don't Exist

Daydreams spin sharp adoration
For the clay ghost in my head
Need older than inception
Weighs time in heavy lead

Carry me pondering patience
Drag me oh baffling brood
Whisper of comfort tomorrow
Save this old maw her dark mood


Just another circle then
Just once more 'round the bend
The final lap the hardest
But rope waits at the end


  • Clara

    Your comment... Please don't. Reach out to someone. You're not as alone as you feel...

    • Quemis

      No worries.

    • Doggerel Dave

      IF this is a piece of poetry, well crafted, which generalises a position many experience, then well said...
      IF, however, this is an honest description of a state you are experiencing right now then take Clara's advice seriously - however difficult or impossible this might appear.
      Take extremely good care of yourself, Dave

    • Doggerel Dave

      Post Script:

      Ring a 'Help' line if you feel you have noone you can confide in personally
      Take care, Dave

      • Quemis


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