A Great Revival

Over two-hundred years it has been. I emphasize that: two-hundred years since the last great awakening. The 1790's to be exact. That is about twenty years after the signing of America's Declaration of Independence. We need a great revival, a world revival. One that is not just spread out and littered with cheap Christian T-shirts, and Christian jewelry or mega-churches filled with famous entertainers in the front pews. We need more than Christian T.V. channels and expensive private Christian colleges.

We need righteous men and women to come up, and start speaking the truth. We must start speaking what the Gospel of Christ Jesus truly is. Righteous men and women please... We must stop being afraid of what others may think of us, and start warning those of the lies of this world. We must correct those with the distorted views of Heaven and Hell.

Those who are Christians please... We must see the potential in the young generation rather than put them down. Two-thousand years ago when Christ ascended to Heaven and left behind the Holy Spirit for everyone to have, were you not a distant generation? Was John Calvin and Martin Luther a far generation from the twelve disciples, and are we not a far generation from them. Righteous men and righteous women, we must stand up, and take these young men and young women under our wing. We must train this generation up in the way in which they should go. We need to be where ten year olds will yell, "Praise Jesus", where fifteen year olds will yell, "Praise Jesus", where twenty-one, twenty-five, thirty, and thirty-five year olds will yell, "Praise Jesus", for no reason other than because they believe that He is worthy to be praised.

Those who call themselves Christians and to those who believe, we must stop being complacent. We must stop settling on the idea that, 'because I have accepted Christ Jesus, I am going to Heaven. I may continue to live how I want'. We must live for Christ, and stop settling because it is easier. Every day is a new opportunity for us to grow closer in our Christian walk with Christ. Every day we must continue to grow in our faith, and in our prayer life. If we do not grow in Christ, then how can we expect to lead others. If we ourselves do not grow in the spirit, then leading others just becomes an idea. It is stated in the Word that living for Christ would not be easy. We should not expect it to be, nor should we try to make it by taking shortcuts. 

When we preach the Gospel, we must not lie by painting the Christian life to be a picture of bliss. Rather we must speak of the beautiful struggle that it is. To paint an easy life of Christianity may win someone to Christ that day, but because that person was not told of the beautiful struggle he or she will have left the faith the next. Not only that, but that person will spread a bad report about the Christian faith. We must build up strong well established Christians. Remember that Christ told his disciples that if anyone should come after Him, let that one deny himself and take up their cross and follow Him.

We need a Great Revival. It must be bigger than the other great awakenings and reformations before it, and there is no reason why it should not be. With today's advances, there is no reason why The Gospel should not reach the ends of the earth. With a Great Revival, there will be more righteous people in the world willing to do what is right. Anyone can take to the streets with signs and chant words. It is easy to give money to charities. The difference however is what is being done in Christ's name. Those who do what is right in Christ's name will not do it for there own sake... or any man's sake, but for the sake of it being good and right and pure.

I say this to all people. Yet, I am specifically talking to those righteous Christians. We need a Great Revival today. It is not that we will not have fear. Rather we must overcome all fear, and speak the word. We will be going out as sheep in the midst of wolves. We must be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. We must know the truth and the lie, but only be accepting to the truth. Today is when it must start. Millions upon millions of you righteous Christians who know the Word of God, go out and spread the gospel in Christ's name.


  • blue orchid

    i love it keep the faith.

  • Neo

    Hallelujah, this is inspiring

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for your comment. I would like you to write a poem so that you may share it with everyone. I will be looking forward to reading one of yours.
      Jesus is Lord.
      Persistence is key

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