Samreen Chowdhury

Oceans deep

When I hear your name my heart quivers, 

when I reject your image in my mind, it is the soul who cries, 

and here's the story of that one night, 

we awoke one evening, took a trip to a sundays delight, 

our favourite sweets and dishes, with honey dart and manner dew, 

this night was a never ending night, we glared into each other's eyes as we sat in opposition like clustered lust ready make the night. 

and as we came close, it is I who whispered in his ear 'I love you', 

so entranced and enlightened, he said 'repeat it in my other ear so I regain my balance', 

and as the smiles stretched and melted into the sweet night, our very hands interlocked

sensations were uncovering our veins and skin, and his hands were becoming unstable in mine. 

I felt his soul in mine. We rushed merrily into the heraldic hallways and hoped for the best to dwell upon our tendencies,

here the magic happened as he panted and released his soul in me as the night wandered so effortlessly. 

it was so chilly but the night seemed so young and new born like. But perhaps we were so entranced. We regained our consciousness through the very act of continuation of love or lust? We held our glorified act to the biting point- 

my soul so satisfied. 

and the night was exchanging into day light, the ray of light shone upon his bare skin I was now laying upon, and scraping without damage with my fingers.

I smiled In such deep infatuation. My eyes glistened in bliss, and in awe I released tears, knowing I have found my sweet heart. 

my eyes shut as the clouds drifted swiftly into the horizon and gradually I lost conciouse, In deep and tasteful sleep.

ah! Behold! 

as she awoke, her lover was gone, no call, no sign and no words left behind. He was gone and she cried relentlessly and profusely for days and weeks. Nakedness she was empty but her soul was more empty, there was such connection and trust, 

now months. There was no return of her lover, he was gone. 


  • RDS

    Beautifully evocative phrases that are lifted by the rhythm you've created. Nice work Samreen, on a many splendoured/splintered subject.

    • Samreen Chowdhury

      Thank you ever so much for reading and for your kind words!

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