...In The Eye of The Beholder

She is my Aphrodite,

So Beautiful and rare,

But looking in the mirror,

She sees Medusa’s stare.


She says I’m Hercules,

So strong and brave,

But looking in the mirror,

I’m Hephaestus remade.


  • Neville

    I can read into this in several ways .. and enjoy every one of em ... maybe my fave being .. I see Hephaestus as a craftsman a maker or fabricator and maybe born again or renewed .......whatever the case, ya can beat an egg but ya just cant beat a bit o Greek mythology before breakfast ...


    • PoeticBiscuit

      Hmm, I suppose there are other perspectives to this poem. Though originally It was referring to how hideous the mythology says Hephaestus was. Thanks for stopping by and shedding some thoughts!

    • orchidee

      Good write PB.

    • RDS

      Hahaha fine historic skit. I too catch my reflection hunched and disfigured around a pen and notepad.

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