Presidency Not The President

We must remember,

we represent,

the presidency,

and not the president.

In this case,

we must look at the big picture,

not just the present.

In four to eight years,

maybe even less,

someone else,

will be in office,

that we will,

'love' or 'hate' more or less.

We look to the,

democracy (government),

not the person,

behind the desk,

because things will change,

with each new year,

that will bring,

a new challenge,

and a different test.





    GOOD MORNING DION ~ Happy Monday to YOU ! The American System of Government with the SENATE & the HOUSE and the Checks & Balances does seem to prevent an extreme SWING to the RIGHT or LEFT such a could happen in the UK ! The current US system has lasted over 200 years and 46 Presidents & seems to be working OK. We would agree with you PRESIDENTS come & go but the PRESIDENCY (CONSTITUTION) remains intact ~ AMEN The 70 million who voted for TRUMP voted for a REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT not the MAN and the 74 million who voted for BIDEN voted for a DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT ! We pray for JOE & MALALA every day ~ AMEN !
    Sometimes - we think - America gets the PRESIDENT it DESERVES !

    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
    Love Angela Briam & Smokey ! ! !
    Please check *AUTUMN TO WINTER* Thnaks

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for your comment. I will read your poem as soon as I can.
      Persistence is key

    • RDS

      Nice thoughtful poem Dion, completely outlines the French chefs idea. I thought it was a humourous take on today's/yesterday's /maybe tomorrow's situation but no. It's a great idea to be taken seriously. I was looking round for some inspiration today and there it is!
      Stay creative

      • ForeverJesus6

        Thank you... I appreciate your comment.

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