After Me


I do not want you to cry

Most of you
Crying at my grave
I don´t even know just yet
At least so I hope

Still, I do not want you to cry

I want to die old
Surrounded by family
Surrounded by friends

Well knowing what I did
With a proud smile
I want to part
From my body
At least for this life

I want you to laugh
To remember

And yes...
If you feel like it
You may cry

Though not forever

Life keeps going on

We have no choice
No say
It´s better that way

I don´t know when
I don´t know how

I just want you to know
No matter who will be there

That I was proud
And happy
I am now
I shall always be



  • Jerry Reynolds

    enjoyed the work, stay safe

  • Goldfinch60

    Very true words Amy and that last stanza says it all.



    ANGELA HIER ~ Guten Morgen AMY - Willkommen nach MPS - danke fur deine erste Gedicht ! Please excuse my German ! MPS operates by reading & commenting on each others poetry. Please visit our site - Thanks. Loved your Poem - there are always tears at funerals - BUT - let them be tears of JOY for a long life & a life well lived. Im 32 and have been married to Brian for 8 months. I hope & pray that at my funeral (in 50+ years time !) there will be lots of Children & Grandchildren & Friends & Neighbours *happy & singing* because they know that GRANNY lived a good life and has gone to a better place ~ AMEN
    Thank you for a wonderful Poem - describing DEATH as just another phase in a *Life well lived* AMEN ! In our Church we call funerals *A Cellebration of the Life of the Person laid to rest* Its not the length of the life that matters its the quality. I like C RYSTALS and always carry a piece of ROSE QUARTZ - in the shape of a heart - to keep me in contact with Nature !

    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
    Love Angela Brian & Smokey Cat !!!

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