What was only one,

Then became two,

Now here comes number three.


How will it be?

How will I react?

When you finally breathe,


Time has gone,

We sung the song,

Now we cannot retract.


Only one way,

Down this steep road,

No brakes, no turning back.


But I must double down,

Plant my feet in the ground,

I’ll do whatever it takes.


Though unplanned,

And to much surprise,

It was never a mistake.


  • orchidee

    Good write PB.

  • L. B. Mek

    like the confident tone, has me imagining a young father using these words as a mantra to meditate with and calm that tsunami of panic and anxiety bubbling just below the surface,
    good read

    • PoeticBiscuit

      You’d be correct. I wrote this to calm my nerves to the news of the child I’ll soon have. It’s a scary road ahead but I’ll face it head on.

    • Poetic Dan

      Yes, yes and yes perfectly time as I hit a wave of unsureNess.... It was never a mistake, only time for two reads glad the last pick was this!

      Much peace and respect
      Keep up the write!

      • PoeticBiscuit

        I’m glad you chose to stop by Dan, it’s always a pleasure! This one helped me through the nervousness I had as I heard the news.

        • Poetic Dan

          I had to go check I didn't miss the notes part as "news" was news to me but now I see you are about to take the life changing journey into what being a human is all about!

          You'll do fantastic and terrible, you'll laugh and cry to one day sit back with the most precious of smiles!!

          Thanks for sharing and I hope its not to soon as I've been through that too, my deepest and most positive thoughts are with you both!

          Much peace and respect

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        • Jerry Reynolds

          Enjoy your child

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