Samreen Chowdhury

Trailing thoughts.

Some nights I do wonder,

And some nights I drift off to perishing dreams,

I shouldn’t care less or maybe I should

Sweet roses have petals but they do have thorns too.


Oceans are blue

but deep down they contain things that undermine our imaginations, reality becomes untrue.

Untold stories remain a secret,

But do secrets ever last?

And my shrines will uncover and maybe he will say at last.


Devotions above values,

 And things just get too over-boarded,

Like valleys so vast,

Pretty nest, nurturing baby blue birds but will they get any worms since they are working, on task?

The sky is so bright with sunshine’s delight, and at night do the stars collide,

I will not tell you what lays behind the mist, the big moon

As she mantles with the dark gloomy sky.

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