Maxine Smith

Journey of Fire

The dazzling journey through flames remains 

As I stand frozen and watch

The rope of fire 

Undaring to cross


Challenge through the illusion of fear

To cross with courageous cries

I decide not to run

But to rise 


Burning through the blaze of self doubt 

My fears char as the rope ignites

Defeating inferno 

I grow

Through  the ropes alight 


  • Poetic Dan

    Yes, yes and yes life truly begins outside that comfort zone! Thanks for popping back to share your growth & glow!

    • Maxine Smith

      Thanks Dan, glad you agree with the concept.

    • Robert Haigh

      Sometimes we have to find the courage to walk through that fire. Nicely expressed.

      • Maxine Smith

        Thanks for the read Robert.

        Much appreciated.

      • Neville

        It would be impossible not to award you top marks for this well crafted and expressive poem .. self disclosure is such a skill that if used sensitively and with tact will help you in your chosen career my friend ... Neville

        • Maxine Smith

          Thank you!

          Switching from a carer to student nursing is terrifying but I’ve never felt such privilege.

          Thank you for the read.

          Greatly appreciated.

        • orchidee

          A fine write Maxine.
          Meanwhile - ain't nothing more terrifying than when I asked my tutor 'I should like to learn to sing!' I've just had Lesson 5,436. I can't understand why I get no better! lol.

          • Maxine Smith

            Always make me chuckle Orchidee.

            Thanks for the read.

          • dusk arising

            There will always be challenges ahead, some fill us with dread, but they all need to be dealt with and we are alone with the decisions they present. It looks like you've recently conquered a big challenge or are conquering it right now. Good for you. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

            Good to see you posting stuff again. Are you staying?

            • Maxine Smith

              Exactly and thank you.

              It’s still a long road of challenges but I know once I get to the end it will all be worth the hard work.

            • Suresh

              You have taken the challenge, and with determined words like these, you shall reach your goals.
              Well crafted poem

              • Maxine Smith

                Appreciate the read Suresh.

                Thanks for your comment.

              • MendedFences27

                With fire comes the warmth and the light. With fear comes the courage to overcome. Stay the course, whatever happens, remain. Someone once said, 95% of success is showing up.

                Your poem is beautifully scribed. It reflects what I'm sure every first year nursing student feels. The enormity of the task, like learning a new language, the details to retain, the self-doubt, the responsibilities, and the fear of accepting the challenge. "But to rise" is your anthem. Trust me, raising a child is a hell of a lot more difficult. You got this. - Phil A

              • Michael Edwards

                And it's top marks from me as well - a super write Maxine.

                • Maxine Smith

                  Thank you Michael.

                  Glad you liked.

                • Jerry Reynolds

                  Change is scary, growth uncomfortable but you wind up with a new wardrobe.

                  • Maxine Smith

                    Thanks for the read Jerry.

                  • Fay Slimm.

                    First rate writing Maxine - the firey challenge of meeting and facing changes is so clearly exposed in this excellent poem.

                    • Maxine Smith

                      Appreciate your comment Fay, glad you enjoyed.

                    • Goldfinch60

                      We have many 'fires' in our lives but each time we pass through them we get stronger in our lives, they can always be defeated and bring out the best within you. You have got through this one Maxine making life easier..


                      • Maxine Smith

                        Thank you for your lovely comment Andy.

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