When I was Young ~ My Presents brought me JOY
Gadgets & Widgets ~ things bought for a BOY
Puzzles & Toys ~ and my best PRESENT yet
From My Uncle BILL ~ A CHEM - IST - RY SET !
Chemicals - Test-tubes & experiments
I could fill the house the House ~ with odours & scents !
Nineteen Ninety Six ~ and I was just TWELVE
So into CHEMISTRY ~ could now DELVE !
WE did *STINKS* at School ~ Boys only DOMAIN
Explosions & Fires ~ again & again
Alas in this Cent*ry ~ H & S rules
STINKS are no longer exciting in SCHOOLS !
A Steam Engine that worked ~ with DYNAMO
How ELECTRICS produced ~ I could now show !
A MICROSCOPE ! Snowflakes now I could see
So a SCIENTIST ~ I wanted to be !
Presents for KIDS ~ I make a CONFESSION
Take care what you BUY ~ it afects their PROFESSION !
Thnaks for VISIT please add your own EXPERIENCE of
XMAS Presents the GOOD & the NOT SO GOOD !
My pet hate are JIG SAW Puzzles ! What are YOURS ?
Christmas Love to ALL ~ Angela Brisn Smokey ! ! !

The festive December
My kids will remember
To write out their list
And to make a big wish
For presents and play
On a wonderful Christmas Day

I am a very Feminine Lady ~ always have been !
So when I was little Girl I always got Dollies
Dollies Houses & Cuddly Toys. My FAVE were Costume
Dolls ~ I have 36 and my Collection is still growing
Many are Spanish & Latin American ! I have taken them to Schools to give talks. I know my DAUGHTER
will love them ~ Whenever She arrives ......... !
I always wanted to be a NURSE and my Auntie Cherry
Bought me a NURSES OUTFIT one Christmas so all
My Dollies had bandages & splints and plasters !
A Lady came to School (All Girls Catholic SChool)
And talked to us about alternative Medical Professions
Radiography - Path Lab Technician - Physiotherapy etc
She was a PHYSIO and she made the Job sound exciting
And essential for Orthopedic Patients to restore
Mobility & Manual Dexterity ! She sent me some BOOKS
And MAGAZINES ~ Which persuaded me to be a PYHSIO !
My FAVE XMAS Present was a REAL SKELETON which
My PARENTS bought me when I graduated - Hes called FRED
And I kept HIM under a sheet in my BEDROOM !
He*s now in my CLINIC @ WORK & is a good Teaching Aid !
My worst PRESENTS are Chocolates because BRIAN & I
Have to EAT them and they are very CALORIFIC !
Thanks for visit ~ please add your own Poem about
Christmas Presents ~ Good & not so Good !
Love to all Angela Brian & Smokey Cat XOXOX

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