Will I ever ....

Maxine Smith

Will I ever be loved like I crave to be loved
To be embraced
To be touched
Like a gentleman would
Will I ever be the one, the one that dreamed of
To be craved
To be desired
Setting sparks of passion on fire

Will I ever be the one, that you reach out for
To hold
To caress
Forever to be lost in each other

I USED TO DREAM ~ Will I be Desired
Wil a Man come along ~ my LIBIDO be fired
Wiil my PRINCE come & my stays unlace
And hug me & crush me in His loving Embrace
From 16 until I was 28 I waited & waited
For LOVE ~ alas was I too late ?
Then BRIAN came ~ we met at a DANCE
He whisked me around I was in a TRANCE !
He came back to my FLAT til quarter to THREE
Looked into my SOUL & said *Will you Marry ME !*
What was my answer I leave you to GUESS !
Not NO & not maybe but YES ~ YES ~ YES !!!
WE got married this a Year no Im 32 ......
We*re in love forever and alls Tickity Boo !
Some day MAXINE ~ Your Prince will come TOO !

Such beauty in marriage
To see such love and glee
Leaves me longing to see
If anyone shall want to marry me

There was an old man called Will I Ever
who set out on a strange endeavour
to try and change
his very strange
name to something else forever.

Will i ever achieve the bliss of inner peace?
where are you?
Will i ever be satisfied with having decided
is a foolish game?
Will i ever have the luxury of looking back
to see
a life fulfilled?
Will i ever be one of millions who know
has conquered all?
Will i ever?
Will i?
....... dusk words .......

Where lotus blossoms sleep,
by marshes dank and deep,
my love went down to weep
so long ago.
She’d had to let me leave,
grow old and grey and grieve,
go mad with make believe,
not let me know
that she still cared for me,
though we could never be;
she needed to be free,
so she could grow.
But waves of love still rise
‘neath savage sapphire skies
and love lost in her eyes
will always glow!

I asked Will I. Ever to explain
what the I stands for in his name
he said that it stands for Isambard
a name for which he has little regard
and he went on to say that he would endeavour
to change the name: William Isambard Ever
forever and ever!!

Will I ever...
Unshoulder existential crisis
and uncouple train wreck
derailing life poorly lived
forever experiencing dismal conflicts
yours truly likened to
myth of Sisyphus since...
mine conception, I
labored with great difficulty bore
as the Earth orbitz round the sun
chronologically kept track
regarding mein kampf and hard times
whipping with ever greater ferocity
anguish wreaks havoc upon psyche
particularly when stagnation festers
accursed schizoid personality disorder
rent asunder sanity courtesy violent
tempestuous maelstrom whipping
ferocious unseen mushroom clouds
against terrestrial firmament,
dogging one muttering mortal,
especially those multidimensional coordinates
representing location housing yours truly,
whose every predestined motion
over shadowed with sinister machinations
sabotaging healthy development
of body, mind, and spirit
whereby life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness
fraught with brutal psychological agony
prompting me to question
evolutionary forces unleashed courtesy
divine creator (attributed by creationists),
whereby one uneventful
bard arse comi tragic life
frittered away his precious time
condemned to psychological travails
thwarting opportunities aplenty
only now suddenly aghast,
how avoidance regarding
healthy risk taking
undermined experiencing necessary
mental, physical and spiritual growth
foisting minimal criteria toward promotion
(as one analogy think advancing
next academic grade,
I nearly failed every school year,
plus terminated as hired hand)
thus rightly methinks
will I ever shake free and clear
of dismal self esteem.

Will I ever be able to look in the eyes
Of the busy wee angel who circles my skies
Will I ever be able to savour her touch
Is it pipe dreams and straws i so eagerly clutch
Will i ever,I don't know, I guess time will tell
I'll keep throwing my pennies deep into the well

Will I ever be daddy´s little girl again
Hi dad, it's me, your baby girl.
When I came into your life I had hopes and dreams.
I hoped for happiness, acceptance and understanding.
I hoped for peace, warmth and stability.
I hoped you would hold my hand as I grew up.
I hoped you would be there when the sun set for me and the light behind the clouds seemed forever lost.


  • Trenz Pruca

    Thank you. Your poem was quite beautiful.

  • Nancy Rdz LL

    Wow amazingly beautiful....
    I've asked myself that too will I ever?
    Well I'm a mom so I don't have to say will I ever be a mom cause git that done haha...

    But I never been married So I'll say Will I ever get married? Lol well time will tell right? Good job and keep inspiring 🤗

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